Kennewick Lions Preseason [VIDEO]

Video from Tri-City Herald Article:

Published on Aug 21, 2015

Kennewick High football coach Bill Templeton gives an overview about the 2015 team and the upcoming football season.(Video/Jack Millikin)


IMPORTANT!! - 8/17 Clearance Night

Parents/Players –

Tomorrow (Monday, August 17th) is FALL CLEARANCE NIGHT.  Clearance last from 5-8 PM in the Kennewick High Main Building (you will see everybody.)   There are traditionally long lines so you may want to show up early or wait until 7 PMish to arrive.  Also, to help speed up the process, your son can pick up necessary paperwork in the Activities Office tomorrow after morning workouts (8-9:30 AM)

PLEASE NOTE: 1) The paperwork you filled out in the Spring for Spring Football and Summer Conditioning DOES NOT APPLY to the Fall.

  1.               2) To be eligible to participate in the first game, your son needs a minimum of (12) DAYS of practice.  We have a total of (13) for Freshmen and (14) for Varsity prior to    

     the  1st game - attendance is crucial.

  1.                              3) We will hand out both a Freshmen and a JV/Varsity Pre-season calendar tomorrow night at the Clearance.

Finally, we are excited to get the 2015 Campaign started and are grateful for the opportunity to work with your student athlete.


Coach Templeton

Summer Letter 2015

Lion Nation:

We started our 2015 campaign the Monday after our 2014 season ended last November. We met with each of the Upper Classmen and discussed personal and team goals – in the classroom, the weight room, and on the field. We as coaches have evaluated our program, critiqued our performance, and created a plan to better build a championship program in terms of Character Development, Relationship Building, and Results Achievement. Ultimately, it's our players' attitudes, efforts, and performances that will determine if we achieve our goals in 2015. Players and Parents... we need your buy in.

Players: It's been said that players are made in the off-season (Bigger, Stronger, Faster,) and Teams are made in-season. To be the best team we can be in the fall, you need to develop into the best player you can be over the next two months. We are the sum of our parts... and each part is crucial. Make a commitment to the summer and you are making a commitment to our fall. Show up and work hard.

Parents: Please commit to encouraging your son to attend and engage in the rigor of Spring Football and Summer Strength and Conditioning. Football is not a contact sport – it is a collision sport. Your son's body needs to be ready for the pure physicality of the game. Our summer program will assist in injury prevention and will make your son the most explosive football player he can be. Furthermore, we strongly believe that weight room participation is a crucial element in developing character, relationships, and results. We greatly appreciate your support.

With Great Excitement and Enthusiasm,

Coach Templeton and the entire Lion FB Staff

Information on Camp Week - Please Read 6/9/15

Good Morning Parents and Players –

  1. It was a hot one yesterday – good job fighting through it.  I think we are in for another high temperature practice today.  We will continue to give multiple water breaks, etc. Players – please hydrate during the day.
  2. Players need (7) practices to be eligible to scrimmage next Monday at FB camp (they can still practice with team in the morning.)  If your athlete will not have (7) practices by Saturday (we have practice today and Saturday morning which count toward the 7,) I will be upstairs in the wt. room tomorrow (Wed.) and Thursday from 1:30-3:00 for those who need to make up.  Please wear helmet and shoulder pads.  We will run around and catch some footballs for about 20 minutes.
  3. $5 Physicals: Saturday, June 13 8am-11am Trios 521 N. Young St. Kenn
  4. Spring Fundraiser:  Details in attachment.  Basically, we will be collecting emails and cell #’s and asking those individuals to sponsor our program. We will be running our fundraiser through “Snap Raise.”
  5. FB Camp Itinerary: See attachment, but some highlights:
    1. Starts next Monday (June 15th) – JV/Varsity meet a 9:00 AM  / Frosh Start practice on 6th and Dayton Field at 11:00 AM.
    2. Frosh will stay at KHS through the afternoon and will ride bus out to Hanford HS for Scrimmages. (Players will need ride home from Hanford / Parents encouraged to come watch scrimmages – 6:00-7:30 – they sometimes start a little early so you may want to show up at 5:30.)
    3. JV/Varsity – After you break from KHS at 2:15, you will need to be at HHS by 3:45 – you will be working with college coaches starting at 4:00.
    4. M-W is basically the same each day, however, our entire program will be going to Hermiston Thursday morning and will return around 1:30. Camp will be over for the day at that time.
    5. Camp scrimmages are Friday, Please look at schedule.

Have a great day,

Coach Templeton



pdf2015 Football Camp Itinerary

pdf2015 Spring Football Fundraiser

From Coach T - 6/1/15

Parents / Players –

We start practice today after school.

Incoming 8th Graders – Hustle over from middle school.  Meet at the field on 6th and Dayton. Helmets only.

10th-12th – 3-5 In Lampson. Helmets only.

Clarification on MORNING PRACTICES: We set these up mainly for baseball players who have after school practice conflicts.  There was NO PRACTICE this morning – I apologize to any that may have come this morning.  We have been making announcements at school and tried to relay that info a gear checkout, but I think there were some folks missed. Again, I apologize. 

PHANTOM AA BASEBALL PLAYERS – both Tomorrow (Tues) and Wednesday, we will have Morning Practice in Lampson because you have baseball right after school. You need “X” amount of practice to be able to participate in football camp so we will get those in Tuesday and Wednesday.

Have a great day,

Coach T.