Attn Seniors!



I NEED any/all Class of 2015 Senior Players that are interested in purchasing a football banner to contact me no later than Friday July 25, 2014! We will be scheduling the photo shoot for banners the first or second week of August to ensure that we are able to receive banners in time for the first home game September 5, 2014!
Banners cost $150 each, although we are working on a sponsor that MAY be paying half the cost (will know more on sponsorship for sure in the coming days).

PAYMENT WILL BE DUE AT THE TIME OF THE PHOTO SHOOT. Banners will be hung at the entry to all home Varsity games and will become the property of the player/parent at the end of the season. These have been a huge success the past few years and are seen by everyone that comes in the gate at Lampson Stadium for Friday Night Lights!
Contact: Chris Sittman at 509-366-8486 or email

kennewick_fb_13 12_poster-comp

July Update



  1. We think we are going to be able to get the Senior Banners again this year. More to come.
  2. A slight change in our July calendar.  The next 3 Wednesdays (July 9th , 16th, and 23rd)  we are going to have helmet only practices/7 on 7 sessions from 8-10 AM (just on those Wednesday.)   These dates/practices have been on the calendar, but were scheduled a little later in the morning.  We’ve made the change to hopefully include more players.  We will have our weight room / conditioning sessions after each morning practice. THESE PRACTICES WILL BE HELMETS ONLY.
  3. Final Day for Kimmel Orders is this coming Monday, July 7th.
  4. We only have a few more weeks with our email fundraiser.  Please continue to monitor your athlete’s progress.
  5. If you have children 3rd-8th grade – we have a football camp July 14th, 15th, 16th.  See attachment if you are interested.

Have a great day,

Coach Templeton

Summer Workouts

Pursue Excellence!


Check out the calendars below for workout opportunities.

Check out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



June 2014 Calander | July 2014 Calendar | August 2014 Calendar

June 16th Update

Good Morning Parents:



  1. We start camp tomorrow (Tuesday 6/17).
  2. Frosh have their first practice at 9 AM.  They will be here on campus with coaches until a Ben Franklin Transit takes them out to Hanford HS.  The Frosh will start scrimmaging at 6:00 PM. Scrimmages will last until around 7:30.  Players will need rides home.  We will all assure that no players are left at Hanford High. Pizza is provided in the afternoon.
  3. JV/Varsity – Fundraiser Kick Off starts at 10:30 on Tuesday (the rest of the week, players will report at 10 A.M. for lifting)  From those activities, JV/Varsity players will practice from Noon-2:00.  At that time, players are dismissed until they need to meet at Hanford high around 4:30.  JV/Varsity players are welcome to stay at KeHS, eat pizza, and  ride Ben Franklin Bus to Hanford HS if they would like.
  4. Remember to round up 20 emails or cell #’s for our fundraiser.  We will need that information this Friday.


Excited to be a Lion,

Coach Templeton

CAMP Documents and Info

FB Football Camp Itinerary

FB Camp Weekday PM Scrimmage at Hanford Schedule | Directions

FB Camp Saturday Scrimmage at Lampson Schedule

FB Camp at Hanford Map | Directions


June 2014 Calander | July 2014 Calendar | August 2014 Calendar

Kimmel Apparel/Equipment Order

If you’d like to make a Kimmel Order, go to and our page is there Item Order: QPMEF.  This is our final Order Period.  We will close purchasing on July 6th.  If you want to see what items are available see here

June 13 Update with Camp info



Attached Below: FB Camp Itinerary, Weekday PM Scrimmage Schedule at Hanford HS (All Levels), Saturday Scrimmages at Lampson (All Levels) – NOTE: PLEASE BE FLEXIBLE NEXT WEEK, THERE ARE ALWAYS NEEDED ADJUSTMENTS DURING FOOTBALL CAMP WEEK.

Reminder: $5 Physical tomorrow (Saturday 6/14) 8-11 AM at Trios. Please wait until after practice (8-10 AM) – if at all possible.

Heads Up: We will be kicking off our Spring Fundraiser next Tuesday 6/17. We are asking the players to bring a list of at least (20) names and email addresses of potential supporters (individuals or businesses) who would like to help out financially with our fb program. The players will need to bring the names no later than next Friday 6/20.


Coach Templeton


FB Football Camp Itinerary

 FB Camp Weekday PM Scrimmage at Hanford Schedule | Directions

 FB Camp Saturday Scrimmage at Lampson Schedule

 FB Camp at Hanford Map | Directions


June 11th Update From Coach T

Parents / Players / Coaches –


A couple reminders –

1) For those players who missed a practice last week, please show up at the wt. room tomorrow (Thursday) starting at 10:45. I will be there until noon. Players must have a minimum amount of practice before they can scrimmage against other teams (which we do at camp next week.) Players need to bring helmets and shoulder pads. We will practice in the East gym (gym below wt. room.)

2) Practice Friday (June 13) from 8-10 AM. Frosh at Frosh Practice Field. JV/Varsity at Lampson. Full Gear.
a. I'll hand out camp agenda's, kimmel clothing orders, and summer calendars for those who need one.

3) Practice Saturday (June 14) from 8-10 AM. Same practice venues.

4) $5 Physicals – Saturday (June 14) - Trios Hospital – 8-11 AM (Please go after practice, if possible.)

5) Practice Monday (June 16) – 8-10 AM. Same venues.

6) Tues-Friday – June 17-20) – Football Camp. Itineraries forthcoming... plan to have you son with us most of the day until about 8:00 PM.

7) Saturday – June 21 – Football Camp Scrimmages – Lampson Stadium. Scrimmage times to be announced.

8) Monday – June 23 – Start Athletic Development Camp. More info to come.

Don't mean to overwhelm you, but wanted to get this out to you. Thank you and GO LIONS,

Coach Templeton

June 6th Update; Kimmel Orders, Fundraising

3 More Things:


  1. Kimmel Orders are in.  You or your son can pick them up after practice in the equipment room.
  2. If you’d like to make a Kimmel Order, go to and our page is there Item Order: QPMEF.  This is our final Order Period.  We will close purchasing on July 6th.  If you want to see what items are available  see here
  3. Our fundraiser this Spring is collecting 20 email addresses from each player of potential donors.  We will be collecting the emails during camp week (June 16-21).
    1. Please help in this endeavor – we have had a bump in turnout of about 25 kids.  The majority of our fundraising efforts will go for new helmets and shoulder pads.


Thank you and Go Lions!

Coach Templeton

June 5 Reminders/Updates/Etc.



Reminders / Updates / Etc.

  1. I’ve attached another copy of the summer calendar below if you’ve misplaced yours.
  3. No Practice next Monday-Thursday
  4. PRACTICE next Friday (June 13) and Saturday (June 14th) – Full Gear (8:00-10:00 AM)
  5. $5 Physicals at Trios  on Saturday  (June Saturday June 14th)  8-11:00  - Go as soon as practice is over. ( See attachment )


 June 2014 Calander |  July 2014 Calendar |  August 2014 Calendar

First Summer Payment Due Friday

Player / Parents:

Reminder: This Friday (April 11th) is the first due date/check point for football camp money.  The cost this year is $300 and this amount covers all summer activities.  Clearance packets will also be available at the time.

Also, please remember that physicals are only good for two years so if you need to get that taken care of, please do so.


Have a great day,

Coach Templeton


Lifting Highlights Feb 2014


Bench: (7) at 175 lbs. + Squat: (9) 250 lbs. + Clean: (7) 175 lbs. +
(2) at 215 lbs. + (3) 330 lbs. + (4) 205 lbs. +
Brendon Villasenor - 217 lbs. Brendon Villasenor - 334 lbs. Brendon Villasenor - 205 lbs.
Elijah Atencio - 217 lbs. Dion Kutzke - 355 lbs. Dylan Collins - 225 lbs.


Bench: (9) at 195 lbs. + Squat: (10) 300 lbs. + Clean: (10) 200 lbs. +
(5) at 200 lbs. + (4) 330 lbs. + (4) 225 lbs. +
Dyer, Gutey, Geo, Eddy - 206 lbs. Gage Rushing - 392 lbs. Gerald Hein - 235 lbs.
Gage Rushing - 222 lbs. Joseph Dyer - 410 lbs. Garrett Dixon - 240 lbs.


Bench: (5) at 225 lbs. + Squat: (10) 335 lbs. + Clean: (8) 225 lbs. +
(3) at 250 lbs. + (4) 385 lbs. + (4) 240 lbs. +
Brad Ornelas - 281 lbs. Bradly Ornelas - 397 lbs. Dwight Norwood - 275 lbs.
Dwight Norwood - 291 lbs. Raymond Hicks - 429 lbs. Mike Vallier - 280 lbs.

600 LB. CLUB                                
(Freshmen Only)                            
1) Dylan McDaniel - 613 lbs.                                    
2) Alejandro Manzano - 625 lbs.                                    
3) Dion Kutzke - 669 lbs.                                    
4) Dylan Collins - 696 lbs.                                   

700 LB. CLUB                        
1) Anthony Arroyo (Jr.) - 705 lbs.                                    
2) Hayden Docken (Jr.) - 712 lbs.                                    
3) Trevor Hammermeister (Jr.) - 715 lbs.                                    
4) Garret Dixon (So.) - 720 lbs.                                    
5) Rogelio Guizar (So.) - 722 lbs.                                    
6) Raymond Gutierrez (So.) - 736 lbs.                                    
7) Paul Slutsky (So.) - 745 lbs.                                    
8) Gerald Hein (So.) - 753 lbs.                                    
9) Eric Moore (Jr.) - 755 lbs.                                    
10) Geo Morfin (So.) - 755 lbs.                                    
11) Brendon Villasenor (Fr.) - 756 lbs.                                    
12) Jake Conklin (Jr.) - 771 lbs.                                    wts1011

800 LB. CLUB                        
1) Gage Rushing (So.) - 809 lbs.                                     
2) Alex Loomis (Jr.) - 813 lbs.                                    
3) Joe Dyer (So.) - 821 lbs.                                   

900 LB. CLUB                        
1) Dwight Noorwood (Jr.) - 901 lbs.                                     
2) Raymond Hicks (Jr.) - 912 lbs.                                    
3) Brad Ornelas (Jr.) - 913 lbs.                                    
4) Mike Vallier (Jr.) - 915 lbs.

Incoming Freshman Parent Meeting


Class of 2018 Freshman Parent Meeting

Parents of incoming freshmen are encouraged to attend this informational meeting on Wednesday March 19th at 7pm in the Kennewick High School cafeteria.

Meet and greet your future coaches and teammates.  Receive important information about camp and spring/summer activities.

See you there!

Vince Cejka Athletic Award to Caleb Cope

Vince Cejka Athletic Award

This special athletic award was established by the Kennewick High School Athletic Department in 1961 in Honor of Vincent Cejka. Vince collapsed on the baseball practice field. He died in April of that year.

Vince Cejka was an outstanding sophomore athlete at Kennewick High School. He participated in football, basketball, and baseball. This award also recognizes qualities of leadership, personal dedication, school citizenship, and academic achievement, which Vince exemplified as a student athlete.

This award is presented three times per year to an outstanding sophomore athlete participating in football, basketball or baseball.

2013 Football Recipient: Caleb Cope

Lions take on Highlanders in GSL Crossover

Friday, Nov 8th @ 8pm the Kennewick Lions will travel to Joe Albi Stadium in Spokane for a winner to State play-in game.

The Lions defeated Shadle Park last year at home in the same crossover game.  Lets go Lions!

Norwood, Kennewick rout Pasco

Three weeks into the season, making a run to the playoffs was about the last thing on the mind of the Kennewick football players, and it had nothing to do with the postseason being six weeks away.

Outscored 124-17 in a trio of blowout losses, the Lions knew they needed more than just a few patches to shore up their team.

It was right about that time that they started feeding Dwight Norwood a steady diet of carries, and life has been pretty good since.

Norwood went ballistic Thursday night against the Pasco Bulldogs, rushing for 238 yards on a 39-carry night and reaching the end zone four times in the Lions’ 35-6 Mid-Columbia Conference rout.

More than just their second MCC win of the season, the victory puts Kennewick square in the driver’s seat for the playoffs.

“I always kept faith in our team and my teammates along the way,” said senior Jacob Meise, who helps plow the road for Norwood on the offensive line and makes life pretty hairy for opposing quarterbacks at defensive end.

The Lions (3-5, 2-4 MCC) are 3-2 since that rough start, including an MCC win over Hanford last week that has them in command of the 3A division’s third and final berth into the crossover games with the Greater Spokane League.

A loss by Hanford either today against Richland or next week against Southridge, or a win by Kennewick next week against Kamiakin will sew up a playoff berth and likely matchup with Shadle Park and star quarterback Brett Rypien on Nov. 8.

Norwood’s eye-popping numbers all were career highs for the junior running back, who had just 63 yards on 22 carries before going on a 649-yard tear these last five games.

“I give it up to the line,” said Norwood, who continuously carved into the secondary Thursday through a string of sealed gaps.

The game got off to a scary start as Pasco linebacker Kynen Tate was injured on a running play and remained imobilized on his stomach for more than 10 minutes. He was taken to a hospital, and Pasco’s coaches said he checked out fine after suffering what they feared at first to be a broken leg.

Neither team could get much going on offense until Pasco’s T.J. Faamauili broke off a 53-yard touchdown run with 2:53 left in the first quarter. The extra point was blocked, but the 6-0 lead looked like a sign of good things to come.

Instead, what came was heavy Kennewick pressure, a flood of black-and-orange following Faamauili all over the field and giving chase to quarterback Kolby Killoy, who completed just 1 of 12 throws in the first half.

“We just tried to stop them on the run, make sure our front seven beat their o-line,” said Meise, who lived up to his “Spidermonkey” nickname by batting down a couple passes.

As Kennewick’s defense took charge, so did its offensive line, which shares a few players with the other side of the ball.

Norwood zipped through lanes for 22 and 14 yards on a pair of toss sweeps, powering an 80-yard, 13-play drive that ended with his 10-yard TD run early in the second quarter. The drive was sustained by a fourth-down conversion from QB Matt Driver to receiver and brother Mark Driver.

Kennewick converted a mid-field start into a 2-yard score for Norwood on its next drive for a 14-6 lead. Pasco, which suffered its 18th straight loss, failed to take advantage of a series of Kennewick errors late in the half — a fumble that put the Bulldogs on the Kennewick 9, a muffed punt and a botched blocked field goal a la Leon Lett that gave Pasco another crack.

The Bulldogs came away with nothing, and got a steady diet of Norwood in the second half, who scored on runs of 3 and 24 yards in the third quarter.

“He came out of nowhere,” Meise said. “Dwight, that kid’s a beast.”

Matt Driver finished 11-for-13 for 121 yards and a TD for Kennewick. Faamausili finished with 75 yards on 11 carries for Pasco (0-6, 0-8). But the Bulldogs mustered just 155 yards of offense.

Pasco 6 0 0 0 — 6

Kennewick 0 14 14 7 — 35


P—T.J. Faamausili 53 run (kick blocked)

K—Dwight Norwood 10 run (Alvaro Licea kick)

K—Norwood 2 run (Licea kick)

K—Norwood 3 run (Licea kick)

K—Norwood 24 run (Licea kick)

K—Mark Driver 4 pass from Matt Driver (Licea kick)


RUSHING—P, Faamausili 11-75, Kaleb Ash 3-14, Kynen Tate 2-7, Kolby Killoy 5-(minus 19), Brady Ritala 2-6, Cole Kelley 4-5, Jeff Peteson 1-4. K, Norwood 39-238, Eric Moore 6-13, Matt Driver 5-(minus 33).

PASSING—P, Killoy 7-23-0—63. K, Matt Driver 11-13-0—121.

RECEIVING—P, Kendall Lee 2-8, Miguel Chavez 2-14, Ritala 1-24, Kelley 1-8, Faamausili 1-9. K, Tylan Tennancour 4-44, Cody Albertin 2-26, Mark Driver 2-20, Alex Ruby 1-20, Norwood 2-(minus 1).

Kennewick football runs pass Hanford

There was a lot of pregame talk in the Kennewick locker room about being a good teammate and stepping up and making plays.

Dwight Norwood was the first in a long line of Lions to heed the wishes of the coaches. Then it was Matthew Driver, followed by Dylan Tennancour. Then it was Alex Ruby. The list goes up and down the entire Kennewick roster.

A week after getting beat up by Richland, Kennewick took it shots at the other Richland school Friday night, in a surprisingly dominant 31-14 win over the Hanford Falcons at Fran Rish Stadium.

“I am proud of our guys,” said Lions coach Bill Templeton. “We came out and made plays tonight.”

The records for both teams indicated this should have been a close game.

Kennewick, coming off a 56-14 loss to Richland, was 0-4 in the Mid-Columbia Conference and its lone win of the season came against Sunnyside. Hanford, on the other hand, was 2-4 on the season with wins over Sunnyside and Pasco.

And when the final stats were totaled both teams were pretty equal. With the exception of one category: turnovers.

Hanford turned the ball over six times, including three costly ones in the first half as the Lions built a 31-0 lead less than five minutes into the second quarter.

“We knew we needed to get this game,” Norwood said. “We came out pretty hyped up; we knew we had to have this game.”

Norwood, as he has been all season, was a workhorse for Kennewick. The junior running back, who was slowed by a shin injury last week, used his hard-nosed, bruising style of running to get the Lions on the scoreboard early.

On the Lions first drive, he was the only Kennewick player to touch the ball aside from quarterback Driver. He accounted for all 59 yards on the drive that was capped by a one-handed, 8-yard touchdown catch.

Norwood finished the night with 28 carries for 129 yards.

Driver had a big first half as well. He completed six passes, three of them went for touchdowns. On the Lions second drive, he connected with Mark Driver for a 4-yard touchdown play as Kennewick led 14-0 with 1:28 left in the first quarter.

Then the Kennewick defense started to take over. Tennancour intercepted Aaron Enderlin, which set up a 28-yard field goal by Alvaro Licea. It was the first of three Tennancour interceptions in the game.

Two plays later, Cody Alberlin stripped quarterback Tucker Anderson, in the backfield and recovered the ball. Less than a minute later Matthew Driver hit a wide open Ruby for a 14-yard score. The barrage continued when Martin Allahir intercepted Anderson and returned it 40 yards for the score with 7:41 left in the first half a minute later.

“We made some plays early and that got our confidence going,” Templeton said.

It its six previous games this season Kennewick managed to score just 76 points. In less than 18 minutes it had scored 31, which was more than enough for its defense.

“We came out with more energy tonight and I think it showed,” Norwood said.

Kennewick rolls over Sunnyside 45-21

Dylan Tennancour-to-Brock Sittman proved a good combination for the Kennewick Lions on Thursday night as the duo hooked up for four touchdowns in a 45-21 nonleague win over the Sunnyside Grizzlies at Lampson Stadium.

Tennancour opened the night with a 51-yard scoring throw to Josh Albertin, then found Sittman for 13, 14, 10 and 28 yards.

The Lions led 31-0 as the first half was ending before Jesus Magallan returned a kickoff 92 yards for a touchdown to get Sunnyside on the board.

Magallan also scored on a 27-yard run to cap the scoring in the fourth quarter.

Tennancour came into the game with just one TDpass in the Lions’ first three games, all losses.

Read more here:

Chiawana Preview

Chiawana Riverhawks at Kennewick Lions

7 p.m. today, Lampson Stadium

Records: Chiawana 1-0, 1-0; Kennewick 0-1, 0-0

Last week: Chiawana 43, Hanford 7; Lake City, Idaho, 42, Kennewick 10

Players to watch: RB Clifton Lozano, sr. (15-145 rushing, 2 TD); QB Joey Zamora, sr. (14-30-0—236 and 2 TDs). RB Cody Albertin, sr. (12-49 rushing); DB Dylan Tennancour, sr. (2 interceptions).

Radio: KONA 610 AM

Notes: The Riverhawks opened the season with a dominating victory against the Falcons last week, holding Hanford to just nine rushing yards. ... Chiawana, which struggled at times last season, appears to be primed to have its best team since the school opened. ... On paper, the Riverhawks should cruise tonight, though Kennewick’s physical defensive line will be offer a good matchup. ... The Lions struggled mightily to move the ball in their season opener, finishing with just 93 yards of offense. Despite that they led 10-6 at halftime. ... A major question for Kennewick will be depth this season, as many of its best players start both ways. Last week saw QB Tennancour and OL/DL Jacob Meise going down with leg cramps throughout the second half. They need both players healthy to be successful.

Read more here:

Kennewick loses football opener to Lake City

The 2013 campaign got off to a rough start for the Kennewick football team, as they fell 42-10 to Lake City, Idaho, on Friday at Lampson Stadium.

The Lions turned the ball over four times, were outscored 36-0 in the second half and lost quarterback Dylan Tennancour to injury.

Tennancour, who also starts at defensive back, struggled with cramping in his legs all night, as did two-way starter Jacob Meise.

The Lions (0-1) took a 10-6 lead at halftime, thanks to a 34-yard field goal by Alvaro Licea and a 2-yard run by Tennancour.

Kennewick forced four Lake City turnovers in the first half, but only converted them into the 10 points.

Tennancour intercepted two passes on defense. His first he returned 33 yards to the 7 for a first-and-goal situation.

But on the Lions’ first play, Tennancour was picked off by Lake City’s Cory Cook, who made a diving grab out of bounds at the 1.

Lake City’s Gavan Rosteck then fumbled and Kennewick recovered for a touchdown, but it was called back because of a face mask.

In the second half, it was all Timberwolves (1-1). Jerry Louie-McGee returned a punt 57 yards, setting up a 2-yard run by his brother Tucker Louie-McGee for a 13-10 lead.

On its ensuing possession, Kennewick had a bad snap on a punt attempt, which was recovered by Lake City at the 5. Hunter Damschen quickly punched it in for a 19-10 lead.

On the next Kennewick play, Dwight Norwood fumbled and Lake City again recovered. Tucker Louie-McGee then connected with Chris Baker for a 29-yard gain. Louie-McGee scored on the next play for a 26-10 lead.

Lake City continued to pour it on, as Harris Wester then sacked Tennancour in the end zone for a safety and a 28-10 lead.

It was a nightmare 3 minutes for Kennewick, which fumbled twice and gave up the safety, watching a 10-6 lead evaporate.

Tennancour finished 6-for-14 for 20 yards, while rushing seven times for 13 yards with the score. Cody Albertin rushed 12 times for 40 yards. Kennewick finished with just 78 yards of offense on the game and 10 first downs — four of which came by penalty.

Tucker Louie-McGee rushed 14 times for 60 yards and two touchdowns, while Damschen carried 14 times for 54 yards and a score.

Lake City, Idaho 6 0 22 14 — 42

Kennewick 3 7 0 0 — 10

Read more here:

Varsity/Freshman Kick off Tonight, JV Tomorrow

The Lions kick off the 2013 campaign tonight starting with the Freshman game vs. Lake City (ID) at 3:30pm followed by the varsity at 7:00pm

The JV will travel to Couer D'alene Saturday the 7th for a 12 noon kickoff.

Head on out and support your Lions!


Calvert pulls his share of the load for Kennewick

When Robby Calvert isn’t playing football in the fall or wrestling in the winter, one of his favorite pasttimes is hunting with his grandfather, Bob.

They’re both good hunters — patient and aware of their surroundings.

One thing they aren’t is small. With Robby at 6-foot-4 and 250 pounds, and his grandpa at 5-11, 280, that’s over 500 pounds of twig-breaking potential.

“We are pretty big. We will go to one spot, scope it out a lot and stalk it,” said Robby, who bagged a three-point buck last year and a cow elk four years ago. “It’s a little hard getting up at 4 a.m. after games to go, but it’s something I like to do with my grandpa.”

Calvert has also found his niche on Kennewick’s offensive line, which was one of the biggest reasons the Lions captured the Mid-Columbia Conference championship last season. He expects another strong year with he and Jacob Meise anchoring the trenches.

“We should be able to get a good push inside,” Calvert said.

But the second-year starter has had to overcome quite a bit to get back to full health. His junior year was interrupted by two injuries that sidetracked his football and wrestling season.

Calvert, a guard, broke a bone in his ankle on Labor Day last season and missed three weeks. He tried to play through the pain, but eventually he decided it would be best to give it the rest it needed to come back.

“He broke that bone and still practiced the next day. We didn’t know it was broken until two days later,” said Andy Prein, Kennewick’s offensive line coach. “That really showed us how physical and mentally tough the kid is.”

He came back in time to face Walla Walla, and Calvert sure made a difference. Devven Ramos, the Lions running back, rushed for a career high 303 yards in a 40-28 Week 5 win over the Blue Devils.

Ramos went on to earn MCC Most Valuable Player, but he never forgot who got him there. Calvert enjoyed being the one who helped him.

“Just knowing you made the block that springs a guy for a touchdown is pretty cool,” Calvert said. “You put a guy on the ground and watch (the running back) go right by you as the crowd goes crazy.”

Calvert didn’t stop there. He and his five linemates helped the Lions rush for nearly 200 yards a game last season, good for third in the MCC.

“He battled injuries, but we plugged him in more and more, and he had a fine junior campaign,” Kennewick head coach Bill Templeton said. “He had a very good spring, so we’re excited to see how the next few months go. “He’s really become the player we were hoping he would.”

His teammates have noticed how much he’s grown into a leadership role since joining the Lions’ program.

“He’s grown a lot since his freshman year. He was bigger and slower back then, but now he’s more agile and a lot stronger than he was,” said center Jacob Meise, who has been Calvert’s teammate since seventh grade. “We’ve known each other a long time, so we know when to make audibles. If we see a stunt coming up, we can change the blocking scheme.”

While he isn’t known for monster bench-presses, Templeton has always been impressed by his natural strength. “He’s one of those farm boys, throwing hay bales across the field,” Templeton said. “He will just grab you and not let go.”

Calvert credits his father, Bob — a former lineman who coached him in youth football — for helping develop a healthy love of football, as well as some key fundamentals.

“We just did little drills and worked on my stance. He taught me how to long snap,” Calvert said. “He also taught me to never give up and pushed me to keep going.”

Calvert, who also throws the shot put and discus in the spring, hasn’t locked in on where he might play at the next level. He’s sent out some recruiting tapes to Eastern Oregon and Washington State, who both showed some interest.

If he does play in college, he’d like to get up to 280 but he knows that will take a lot more work. For now, he’s content with helping Kennewick win another league title.

“He’s definitely got the frame to work with,” Prein said. “He gets off the ball quickly, he pulls well and is very technically sound.”

He’s not sure when his next hunting trip with grandpa will be, but his next target will be right across from him when Kennewick takes on Lake City at 7:30 p.m. Friday night at Lampson Stadium.

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